What We Believe

The Bible

God has spoken to man through a book called the Bible. It is a book containing 66 books and is divided into two sections, the Old and New Testaments. The Bible came to us as God’s Holy Spirit guided human writers so that what they wrote were the exact words God wanted them to write. This guarantees that the Bible is without error in its original manuscripts in everything it addresses. Since the Bible is the very Word of God, it is the final authority for all of life – determining what we believe and how we live.


The Bible teaches that there is only one God and that He is eternal and unchanging. God exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each of these persons is called God in the Bible and as such is God in nature, power and glory.

The Father

The Father is the person we normally think of first when he hear the word God. He is the one who through Jesus Christ created the world. The Father does not have a physical body but is an infinite spirit. He is the one to whom we normally address our prayers. He is described as the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and is the Father of all true believers.

The Son

The Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became a man and yet never stopped being God. This happened when through the power of the Holy Spirit the Virgin Mary conceived and gave birth to Him. In this way, Jesus was both truly God and truly man.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is also God. He is responsible for convincing men that they are sinners and deserving of judgment. Today the Holy Spirit is active in giving life to those who believe in Christ, uniting them with all believers, and taking up permanent residence in them. He also places His mark of ownership on all believers, gives them special abilities to do His work, and controls those who surrender themselves to His will.


The Bible teaches that God created people (Adam and Eve) in His image. However, when Adam sinned his entire race was plunged into spiritual and physical death. As a result every human being is separated from God by sin without any ability to improve his position before God. Every person demonstrates his or her sin and separation from God by the things he or she thinks, says, and does. This means that apart from God’s work in his life, mankind is left guilty and condemned without the ability to know, love, or serve God.


God is loving, gracious, and kind. He has shown His favor toward sinful man by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to provide the remedy for man’s sin. God’s grace is favor, which mankind does not deserve. It is God’s grace which provides for sinful man to be made right before God and to be delivered from the penalty of his sin. Since sin’s penalty has been paid, Jesus’ goodness can be placed on the account of sinful man, making him acceptable to God because of Jesus Christ.


Deliverance from sin, called salvation, is available only through placing one’s trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who died in the place of sinful people. Jesus shed His blood on the cross as the sacrifice for the sins of the entire human race. Jesus died on that cross, was buried, and rose to life again on the third day. He then ascended to heaven where He is today.

Everyone who trusts the Lord Jesus as Savior is born again into God’s family. This relationship is a permanent one which can never be broken.

After a person trusts the Lord as Savior, he or she has a new relationship not only to God, but also to sin. First, because the believer is united with Christ he is considered by God to be as holy as Christ – this is the believer’s position. Next, as the believer learns the Word of God and senses that there is sin in his or her life, the believer confesses and gives up this sin and goes on living for God – in this way, the believer progresses in holiness. One day, either at death or when the Lord Jesus returns for His people, this process of becoming like God will be completed instantly, and the believer will be perfectly holy.

The Church

When we use the word “church” there are two ways this is used. The universal church is the group of all true believers from the time when the Holy Spirit came down in the first century until the time when the Lord Jesus returns to take believers to heaven in what is called the Rapture. This universal church gathers as local churches all around the world. A local church, then, is a group of baptized believers gathered together to accomplish God’s purposes in the world.

We believe that the Lord wants all believers to give testimony to their faith publically through being baptized (that is, immersed in water). Baptism pictures Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. We also celebrate communion together as a church and remember Jesus’ death on the cross for our sin. In obedience to Jesus’ command we eat bread which represents His body and drink grape juice which represents His blood.


Angels are spirits that God created to serve Him and His purposes. All angels were without sin when they were created. Some angels sinned and followed Satan in rebellion against God. These angels are now called demons and work with Satan to oppose God.


Satan is the first being who sinned. He tempted Adam and Eve, and they sinned condemning the entire human race and putting all people under Satan’s power. Satan is the enemy both of God and of the children of God. He opposes all that God wants and exalts himself over God. Satan was defeated at the cross but is still free to work until the time God has appointed. When Jesus returns to set up His kingdom, Satan will be restrained for a thousand years. When the time is completed, he will be set free for a short time and then will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where he will suffer eternal torment.

Salvation Through the Ages

Throughout human history, God has worked with mankind in different ways. He required different things from people at different times in history. However, people in any time period were and are always saved by believing what God has said. Everyone who has been saved is forgiven on the basis of what Jesus did in paying for sin on the cross.

The Return of the Lord Jesus

We believe that the Lord Jesus may return at any moment for His people. When He returns, those who have already died will be raised from the dead, and those who are alive will be caught up with them into heaven. After this catching away of the believers (called the Rapture), there will be a seven year period of time when God will pour out His wrath on the world. Following this, Jesus will return to earth and establish His kingdom on earth for 1,000 years. At the end of this millennium, God will destroy the earth and create a new earth where we will live with Him forever.

The Resurrections

Existence after death is not just for believers. One day God will raise the bodies of all people. Those who have trusted the Lord will rise to eternal life with God, and those who have never trusted the Lord will rise to be condemned to eternal, conscious punishment in the Lake of Fire.

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