About Eaton Baptist Church


On September 6, 1823 - twenty-two people from Eaton and adjoining townships banded themselves together for the purpose of public worship of God. Being of Baptist faith, and feeling the need for organization and fellowship, this group met in council with messengers from Abington, Clifford, and Greenfield churches. This Council of Recognition met November 20, 1823, in the old schoolhouse at the mouth of Bowman's Creek. They named the church, Strict Baptist Church of Christ at Eaton.

In 1853, the church decided to become incorporated according to the law's requirements. Papers of incorporation were filed with the authorities on February 23, 1853. The designated name of the church was Eaton Baptist Church. The same year the church constructed its building, known as the Old Brick Church, which still stands and is in use, along with its two annexes. An old quotation states: "July 30, 1854, the Eaton Church had their meeting house dedicated to the service of Almighty God. Elder Boyd from Wilkes-Barre preached, assisted in the services by Elder Frink from Northmoreland and William Sane from Tunkhannock."

Pastor Kurt Bricker

I came to Eaton Baptist Church (EBC) in 2010 as a student at Baptist Bible College and Seminary (BBC&S). After serving at EBC for a little over two years while continuing my studies, I was called as pastor in August 2012. I graduated from BBC with a Master's Degree in Bible in 2012 and am currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity at BBS. Prior to coming to Tunkhannock to pursue my schooling full-time I worked as an Engineer in Maryland and Virginia for over 16 years. Living in Maryland, my wife and I were always very active in our church. We now very much enjoy serving at Eaton and are looking forward to what God has in store for His Church. My wife, Juleah, and I were married in 1996. We have 3 daughters, Marissa, Eliana, and Kyleigh.

Mission Statement

The mission of Eaton Baptist Church is to understand God's Word, to live God's way, and to share God's love with those around us. Each of these elements is necessary if we are going to please God and accomplish His purposes in the world.

Just as one cannot obey, if not given instruction; so we cannot live life God's way if we do not spend time reading and studying His Word. However, if we read God's word and do not put it into practice in our lives, it becomes useless to us. As important as these two components are, they alone fall short of the goal. God desires that His children share His love with those around them, and He is the supreme example of love.

God's Word tells us that man in the beginning was perfect. However, he chose to rebel against God and disobey Him. Yet, God did not destroy the man whom He had made. He promised to send one who would erase the effects of the man's sin.

God's Word also tells us that all men are sinners. Our sin has separated us from God. True to His Word, God sent One to pay the penalty for our sin - His only Son - Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross, He took the sins of the whole world upon Himself, and paid the penalty. He took our punishment. Jesus did die, but that is not the end. He rose from the dead three days later as proof that God had accepted His sacrifice for sin.

Now God offers eternal life in heaven with Him. This life is not available through any system, or church. It is only available through a person - Jesus. When we stop trusting in our own efforts to get us to heaven and place our trust on Jesus who paid the price for us, we are given eternal life as a free gift.

Eaton Baptist Church exists to share the message of God's love with those around us. If you have any questions about eternal life, please contact us and let us show you what God says in His Word about how you can have eternal life.